Welcome to Teslacentral Enterprises!

Established in 2002 we are an innovative & creative company that provides IT consulting, administrative and management services to its clients. Our expertise include IT, organizational restructuring, feasibility/assessment studies, workflow analysis, database & graphic design.

AVALA Design is a growing division of Teslacentral Enterprises focusing on graphic design and creating new spaces -- renovations and interior design -- both residential and commercial.

We work as a totally "distributed" system, as we pull together teams of experts to carry out the projects.  Flexibility, innovation and solution focus are our key strengths.

You will be a step ahead with us as we deliver a unique solution to your IT, administrative and design needs.

We are inspired by the innovative & creative mind of Nikola Tesla.  Hence our name.

                                                                                      Lillian D. Beltaos, President & CEO